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Hubspot: Configuration🔧 & Mapping Fields🗺️
Hubspot: Configuration🔧 & Mapping Fields🗺️
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Configuration🔧 & Mapping Fields🗺️

What is Configuration🔧 & Mapping🗺️?

Configuration🔧 involves specifying the settings, options, or parameters to tailor the system to meet specific requirements. This may include setting up Saleshandy default fields.

Mapping 🗺️involves defining how data from one system should be mapped or transferred to specific fields in another system. This ensures that data is accurately and appropriately transferred or synchronized between systems, preserving the integrity and consistency of information.

In summary, Configuration and Mapping fields involve customizing and aligning data elements or fields within a system or between systems to enable smooth operations, data transfer, or integration. We're using this for Saleshandy-Hubspot Integration.

Once you've connected your Hubspot Account, it's time to Configure your Hubspot Account.

  1. Click on the top-right corner, and from the drop-down, select Configure 🔧.

  2. Once configuring it, you can map the fields 🗺️between Saleshandy & Hubspot so data synchronies between both apps accordingly.

  3. Saleshandy fields are the default fields, whereas you can select the Hubspot fields from the drop-down. And then click on Save.

Which Configuration Fields are available in Saleshandy and what Mapping Fields are synced in Hubspot?

Note: Saleshandy Default Fields can't be changed. However, you can create your custom fields. To learn more about custom fields, Click Here.

Saleshandy Field Mapping

Salesforce Field Mapping

Prospects in Saleshandy

Prospects in Saleshandy

Prospects in Saleshandy

Mission accomplished; you've successfully configured Hubspot with Saleshandy. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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