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Pipedrive Integration 🔗
Pipedrive Integration 🔗

What, Why, and How to setup Pipedrive CRM to sync your Saleshandy Campaigns Data: Leads, Deals, Person, Organization, and Activities

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋


We at Saleshandy heard a collective yawn of "Pipedrive Integration" Also, it's time we say we're into a game of Integrations and aiming for endless opportunities.

Now you can sync the data from your Saleshandy account to your Pipedrive account without going back and forth between the platforms. This results in a lot of time saved and increased productivity.

Grab your productivity Saleshandy users because we've just started with the integrations.

📺Pipedrive Integration

What is Pipedrive Integration?

With Saleshandy- Pipedrive Integration 🔗, you can supercharge your CRM with a continuous flow of enriched lead information and deal management from Saleshandy! You can effortlessly update your CRM with verified details and the freshest activity updates. Easily create triggers and push actions within Saleshandy for an efficient workflow.

This is a native integration currently; it's unidirectional 🛣️, which means you can send your data from Saleshandy to your Pipedrive account, not vice-versa.

Why Pipedrive Integration?

With Saleshandy - Pipedrive Integration, you'll unlock a world of superpowers! 🦸‍♂️

Here is what you can do with this Integration:

  1. Generate deals and activities in Pipedrive based on prospect engagement. From email opens 👀 to clicks 🔗 and replies ✉️, track every interaction effortlessly. Unlock the power of Saleshandy and achieve all this without ever leaving the platform! 💥

  2. Create new leads in your CRM, regardless of the channel used to import them. From CSV 📄 to LinkedIn extension 🔗, API 🌐 to Zapier 🤝, or even manual entry ✍️

    – Saleshandy has got you covered. 🙌

  3. Seamlessly connect the forces of productivity and sales efficiency, gaining the ability to conquer tasks with lightning speed ⚡

  4. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to an automated, streamlined lead management process that puts you miles ahead of the competition! 💼

  5. Close deals like a superhero and skyrocket your success to astronomical heights! 🚀

  6. Embrace the power of this duo and watch your business soar beyond limits! 💰

How to Set up Pipedrive Integration?

⚠️ Important: Make sure you have an account with Pipedrive before setting up Pipedrive Integration ⚠️

Note: Please note that the below steps assume that you already have an account with Pipedrive.

📺Video Guide

🪜Steps to Follow

  1. Sign in to your Saleshandy account.

  2. Navigate through the Settings tab; click on Integrations from the side panel Under Company Settings.

  3. Under the native integrations, you can see Pipedrive Integration (Syncs your Saleshandy data with Pipedrive); click on Connect Now.

  4. It will take you to Pipedrive Log in page; Login to your Pipedrive account.

    Pipedrive Log in

  5. You'll be redirected to the authorization page, where you can see the app is already installed. You need to click on Continue to the App.

    Pipedrive Authentication

    Note: Before this, you need to have an account with Pipedrive. I already have an Account with Pipedrive. That's why it's showing This app will be added to the following company (Saleshandy) and user (Naitik).

  6. You've successfully connected your Pipedrive account to your Saleshandy account.

  7. You can confirm in your Saleshandy Account it will show you Two Ticks with Connected ✅.

Mission accomplished; you've successfully Connected Pipedrive with Saleshandy. 👏

Configuration🔧 & Mapping Fields🗺️:

What is Configuration🔧 & Mapping🗺️?

Configuration🔧 involves specifying the settings, options, or parameters to tailor the system to meet specific requirements. This may include setting up Saleshandy default fields.

Mapping 🗺️involves defining how data from one system should be mapped or transferred to specific fields in another system. This ensures that data is accurately and appropriately transferred or synchronized between systems, preserving the integrity and consistency of information.

In summary, Configuration and Mapping fields involve customizing and aligning data elements or fields within a system or between systems to enable smooth operations, data transfer, or integration. We're using this for Saleshandy-Pipedrive Integration.

🪜Steps to Follow

Once you've connected your Pipedrive Account now, it's time to Configure your Pipedrive Account.

  1. Click on the top-right corner, and from the drop-down, select Configure 🔧.

    Pipedrive Configuration

  2. Once you've configured it, you can now map the fields 🗺️between Saleshandy & Pipedrive so data synchronizes between both apps accordingly.

    Configuration & Mapping

  3. Saleshandy fields are the default fields, whereas you can select the Pipedrive fields from the drop-down. And then click on Save.

Mission accomplished; you've successfully configured Pipedrive with Saleshandy. 👏

Which Configuration Fields are available in Saleshandy & What Mapping Fields are synced in Pipedrive :

Note: Saleshandy Default Fields can't be changed.

Saleshandy Default Configuration Fields

Pipedrive Default Mapping Fields

First Name


Last Name




Phone Number


Job Title



Person Created


Update time

Company Domain





Open Deals


Visible to


Next Activity Date


Last Activity Date


Won Deals


Lost Deals

Closed Deals

Total Activities

Done Activities

Activities to do

Email Messages Count

Profile Picture

Last email received

Last email sent

First Name

Last Name

Triggers💡 & Activity🎯

What are Triggers💡 & Activities🎯?

Triggers💡 are actions that are performed by the prospect who has been enrolled in a sequence by the user. Examples of Triggers include email sent, email reply, link clicked, sequence email opened, and many more.

Activity🎯 is the actions that are recorded in your Pipedrive Account when certain triggers are activated in your Saleshandy account. Examples of Activities include Create a Lead, Deal, Person in Pipedrive, and many more.

Once any of the Triggers are activated, their related Activities are performed, and similar activities also get recorded in Pipedrive, syncing your data from your Salashandy account to your Pipedrive account without going back and forth between the platforms.

🪜Steps to Follow

You need to enable the triggers & activities you want to automate between Saleshandy & Pipedrive. You can select from Multiple Triggers available;

  • To enable it, you can use the toggle button ↔️ available, and from the drop-down, you can select the Activity you want to perform.

    Example: When an Email is Sent from Saleshandy, a Deal is Created in Pipedrive

  • Once you have selected the relevant Activity you want, Click on Save.

  • A pop-up will show you to Select Pipeline and Select Pipeline Stage. If you're not creating a Deal, kindly skip the Pop-up.

⚠️ Important: Currently, this stage is only for Deals, but if you're not creating the Deals, you must skip it. ⚠️

  • You can Select the Pipeline and Pipeline Stage for Deals and then click Save.

Mission accomplished you've activated Trigger & Activity with Saleshandy👏

Which Triggers💡 are available in Saleshandy, and What Activities🎯 you can perform in Pipedrive:

Note: Saleshandy Default Triggers & Activites can't be changed.



Email Sent from Saleshandy

Create a Lead in Pipedrive

Reply is Received in Saleshandy

Create a Deal in Pipedrive

Link is Clicked in Saleshandy

Create a Person in Pipedrive

When a Prospect is Unsubscribed

Update a Deal in Pipedrive

When an Email is Bounced

Update a Person in Pipedrive

When a Prospect is Finished

Delete a Deal in Pipedrive

Prospect Outcome is Updated in Saleshandy

Delete a Person in Pipedrive

Sequence Email is Opened

Create Organization in Pipedrive

Update Organization in Pipedrive

Delete Organization in Pipedrive

Mission accomplished; you've successfully Integrated Pipedrive with Saleshandy. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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💡 Tip

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We're available on chat and ready to provide you with prompt assistance. 🤗

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