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How to Add BCC to Email Account?
How to Add BCC to Email Account?

Adding a Sneaky BCC to Your Email Account

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Let's unlock the secret to seamless teamwork and dive into how you can effortlessly add BCC fields to your SalesHandy account. 🚀📨

How to Add BCC to Email Account?

Sharing the emails or getting your team members in the email loop is a daily job of any email user. With SalesHandy, we can add the email addresses of our team members once, and thereafter, they will receive all the emails automatically. Follow the steps to add the BCC fields to your SalesHandy account.

🪜Steps to Follow

  • You can log in to your SalesHandy Account and click on Settings.

  • Click on Email Accounts, Select the email account and click on Edit.

  • In General Settings, you will see the option to Add BCC. Add your BCC email address and click on Save.

How do I Connect/Integrate my CRM with my SalesHandy account?

Wait, there's more magic! 🎩✨ If you're a CRM enthusiast, you can go a step further:

  1. BCC + CRM Connection: Sneak your CRM ID into that BCC section. Bam! Now your CRM's dancing to the same tune as your emails. 🕺💃

  2. Curious About CRM?: Got questions about CRM magic? Dive into the "🤝How do I Connect/Integrate my CRM with my SalesHandy account?" guide for all the geeky details.

With SalesHandy, you're not just sending emails but unleashing a wave of teamwork goodness. Say goodbye to daily email headaches and hello to a seamless loop that keeps everyone in sync. It's time to make email collaboration feel like a walk in the park! 🌳💌

Mission accomplished; you've successfully added the BCC to your Email Account 👏

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When I do replies from the Unified Inbox, the BCC is not being filled in. On my initial sequence email, it is there, but not when I reply to a message from the prospect.

Emails sent from Saleshandy/sequence will have the BCC option, but the replies you send from the mailbox will not have that option.

Is there an option to have replies from prospects forwarded to another address within SalesHandy, or do I need to do that in my mail client?

Currently, you need to manually add the email to BCC while replying from Unified Inbox because the BCC auto-fills only work with emails that are sent from sequences.

For email forwarding, you need to enable email forwarding in the respective email client. Currently, Saleshandy doesn't offer an in-built email forwarding function.

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

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