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📛How to Change Sender Name/Account Name?
📛How to Change Sender Name/Account Name?

How to edit the sending name or account name from Saleshandy?

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Would you be ready to make your Email Account game even stronger? 🚀

So, you've got this nifty feature in mind: changing your Sender Name or Email Sending Name? 🤔 Well, guess what? It's a fantastic idea! Sometimes, things get a bit wonky, and your emails might look slightly spammy. No worries, we've got your back on this.

Let's dive into the super easy steps on how to rock those changes:

Changing Your Sender Name

  1. First things first, could you glide your cursor over to the 'Settings' tab? It's like the command center of awesomeness.

  2. Next up, click on 'Email Account.' You're basically diving into the heart of your email prowess here.

  3. Now, like a champ, hit up 'General Settings.' It's where the magic happens.

  4. And there it is – the glorious option to 'Change Sender Name.' Your email's identity is in your hands!

Switching Up Your Saleshandy Account Name

  1. You're in charge, so you can start by clicking on 'Settings.' This is where the magic begins (again).

  2. Time to make it personal. Click on 'My Profile.' It's like giving your account a virtual high-five.

  3. Ready for the change? Awesome! Tweak your 'First Name' and 'Last Name' like a pro.

Revamping Prospect Names

  1. You can navigate to the 'Prospects' section. It's like your treasure trove of potential connections.

  2. You can click on the specific prospect you've got in mind. They're about to get a virtual makeover.

  3. You can turn it on to the left side panel and give it a good ol' click on 'Profile.' It's like their style upgrade station.

  4. Now, just like you'd pick a cool outfit, go ahead and 'Change your First Name' and 'Last Name.' Voilà!

Problems with Prospect Name in CSV File

Did you get a little hiccup with the prospect's name in your CSV file? Don't fret – we're here to unravel the mystery and have you back on track. It seems like the CSV file might be playing a bit hard to get, and some characters are doing a disappearing act and turning into those pesky (?), right? 🤨

Well, guess what? It's all about that format game. Your CSV might not be rocking the proper UTF format, and our system's a bit puzzled by it. No worries, though – we've got a slick solution that'll have you back to smooth sailing:

Follow these steps:

  1. If your CSV is acting out, give it a little Google Sheet makeover. Copy and paste the content into a Google Sheet – it's like giving your CSV file a fresh new suit!

  2. Once in the Google Sheet, feel the power of transformation. Your CSV will now be in the fancy format our system totally adores.

  3. Ready to rock and roll? Download that shiny new CSV from Google Sheets, and you're golden! 🌟

Now, the magic moment – upload that sparkling new file like a pro. And hey, remember to dance a victory jig as you watch those issues vanish into thin air!

But wait, there's more! We've got a sweet video to show you the ropes. Check it out right here: Video Link.

Here's a bonus tip: keep your prospect tab outside the sequence after that epic upload and choose the "overwrite" field option when you work your upload magic. Need a quick how-to? We've got you covered with this nifty article: Cracking the Code of CSV Updates in Saleshandy

There you go, rockstar! You're all set to own your email game with these name-changing tricks. Remember, we're all about making things simple, friendly, and oh-so-easy for you.

We're just a click away if you have any questions about this name-changing extravaganza.

Happy emailing! 🎉📧

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How could I change the email address of my prospects?

The email address of the prospect cannot be changed. All you have to do is delete the prospect and add it again.

Mission accomplished; you've successfully changed your Sender Name. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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