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🛠️ Sequence Settings
🛠️Sequence Settings: What, Why, And How to Set it up?
🛠️Sequence Settings: What, Why, And How to Set it up?

Understanding Sequence Settings: Purpose, Importance, and Configuration 🔩

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Are you ready to supercharge your email game? Let's dive into the wonderful world of Sequence Settings! 🚀

🛠️Sequence Settings

What are Sequence Settings?

Sequence Settings🛠️ are like your personal toolbox, empowering you to customize and optimise your email sequences to match your needs.

With this feature, you can associate specific clients to sequence, switch between email accounts, schedule email sending, adjust safety settings for added security, set deal value, verify settings, Add Cc & Bcc Email recipients, and even set up automated unsubscribe text messages. 📧✨

Why Sequence Settings?

Imagine having the power to tailor your email sequences according to your preferences and objectives. That's where Sequence Settings shine! 🌟

By harnessing these settings, you can create a seamless email experience that resonates with your recipients, strengthens your engagement, and boosts your overall email marketing success. 📈💪

How to Setup Sequence Settings?

Let's explore all the Sequence Settings features individually and learn how they work!

🤝Associate Client *

Select for which client this sequence is created and should be attached to from the drop-down. You'll see all the clients in the drop-down that you've created in Client Management.

To learn how to create a client, navigate to Client Management or check the article Saleshandy Client Management - Built for Agencies

*⚠️Important: You'll only see the Associate Client option if you have created at least one Client in Client Management. Even if you delete the client later, this option will still be there.

Don't stress if you're not a client management user; this is more useful for cold email agencies.

📤Email Accounts (Sender Rotation)

Seamlessly switch between different email accounts within your sequences. With Sender Rotation, Saleshandy lets you add multiple email accounts in a sequence. And when you activate that sequence with more than one email account, the magic begins! 🎩✨

Assume you have three email accounts connected: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

When your sequence is activated, the system automatically takes charge and starts rotating the sending of emails between these accounts. It's like a well-choreographed dance, ensuring each account gets its turn to reach out to your prospects. 🔄💃🕺

🪜Steps to Follow

1️⃣ Head over to the Settings section of your Sequence, and look for the Email Account options.

2️⃣ The default account, the one initially set, will be displayed in the field. But you can always Add More Email Accounts.

3️⃣ If you want to switch to another account, simply select it from the window. If you are managing multiple clients, you can choose your client from the dropdown menu, and all email accounts associated with that client will be displayed below. Apart from these, you can also connect a new email account. To learn more, Click Here.

Note: If your client is not visible, you can create one from the client management tab. Learn how by clicking here. This drop-down will only be visible if you have created at least one Client in Client Management. Even if you delete the client later, this option will still be there.

Voila! You've got the flexibility to send emails from different addresses. To learn more about Sender Rotation, Click Here.

📅Sequence sending Schedules(Time Zone, Day, Time)

With 📅Sequence Schedules(Time Zone, Day, Time), you can tailor your sequence to send emails at specific intervals or times that align with your audience's preferences. Experiment and find the sweet spot for maximum impact.

🪜Steps to Follow

1️⃣ Go to the Settings section of your Sequence and look for Sending Schedule options.

2️⃣ The Default Schedule will already be selected and visible in the field.

3️⃣ If you want to make a change, simply choose another schedule from the dropdown that suits your needs. It's like having a magic wand for your email timing! ⏰✨To learn more about 📅Sequence Schedules(Time Zone, Day, Time), Click Here.

Note: You'll find a dropdown menu with a list of Schedules that you've created. We have created another Schedule, i.e., Europe Time

🛡️Safety Settings

Safety Settings are like your trusty guardians, ensuring your email outreach is both effective and secure. They provide you with valuable insights and allow you to define certain parameters for your prospect interactions. 📋✨

🪜Steps to Follow

Consider the Prospect as Finished if a Reply is Received ✅:

With this setting enabled, the moment you receive a reply from a prospect, you can mark them as "finished." It helps you streamline your follow-up process and focus your attention on other prospects. It's like a green light indicating a successful connection! 🚦

💡Note: Disabling this option will let the system send follow-ups to prospects even after they reply to your emails.

Track Email Opens 👁️:

Tracking email opens is a game-changer! With this setting activated, you'll know exactly when your recipients open your emails. It's like having a secret agent reporting back to you, giving you valuable insights into engagement and timing. 🕵️📩

💡Note: Disabling this option will stop email open tracking for all the emails in this sequence.

Track Link Clicks 🔗:

Curious about how your prospects engage with your content? Track Link Clicks has got you covered! This setting allows you to monitor which links are being clicked within your emails. It's like having your own analytics team showing you the path to success! 📊🔗

💡Note: While turning it on, It will prompt you to set up a custom domain to track links using branded URLs. It will help you in improving email delivery rate. To learn more about, How to set up Custom Tracking Domain, Click Here.

Text-only email [No HTML]💬:

Imagine you're sending out emails from your sequence and want to keep things simple, clean, and focused on the message. That's where the "Text Only Email [No HTML]" option comes into play. It's turned off by default, so you can create your emails with all the HTML and media formatting you desire. 🌟📤

But here's the kicker – if you decide to flip the switch and enable this feature, your emails will go pure text mode, leaving out all the fancy HTML bells and whistles. 🚫💻

Why would you want to do that, you ask? Well, it can boost your email deliverability, ensuring your message lands in your recipient's inbox without any formatting distractions. Plus, it gives your emails that personal touch, like a friendly message from a colleague. 🤗

🚨Note: When you enable "Text Only Email [No HTML]," you won't be able to track email opens or link clicks. Also, in this case, you won't be able to see the opened and clicked-on prospect and email tab inside the sequence. But hey, sometimes a straightforward message is all you need, right? 🙌📊

It's all about giving you more flexibility and control in your email campaigns. So experiment and see how "Text Only Email [No HTML]" can take your email game to the next level! 🎯✉️

By utilizing these Safety Settings, you gain invaluable data and make informed decisions to optimize your outreach strategy. It's a win-win situation for both you and your recipients!🎉💼

🔍Email Verification

Email Verification is like your trusty guide, providing you with valuable insights into the prospects added to your sequence. When you gather email addresses for your outreach, it's common to come across addresses that may not currently accept emails or have never existed.🤷‍♂️🔍

Sending emails to such invalid or incorrectly configured addresses can lead to bounced emails, which can have a negative impact on your sender's reputation. We definitely want to avoid that! 😱

Ideally, keeping your bounce rate below 3% is suggested to maintain a stellar sender score. This is where Email Verification becomes essential. Using a validated list of contacts ensures that your emails reach the right inboxes of active and engaged recipients. 📥💼

🪜Steps to Follow

1️⃣ Access the Sequence and look for the Email Verification section.

2️⃣ You'll see the verification status displayed here. It's like having a handy report card for your prospects' email addresses! 📋📊

💡Note: Sending emails to unverified prospects may result in many bounced emails, significantly affecting your email reputation. To learn more, Click Here.

3️⃣You can verify prospects to ensure their validity.

4️⃣Once you click on Verify Now, You'll receive a notification stating Verification Started.

You will also receive an email once the verification is completed. It's all about having control and peace of mind! ✅👥

📮Cc & Bcc

With 📮Cc and Bcc, you can send all Sequence emails with Cc and Bcc recipients.

  1. You can add up to 5 email accounts to the Cc and Bcc fields. Our system will perform a quick validation check to ensure the email address is valid. If it's a valid email, it's added to your CC or BCC list. No more typos or mistakes!

  2. If you want to remove an email, locate the email address you want to remove.

    Click on the "" button next to it. Just like that, the email is removed from your list.

  3. Once done, Click the "Save" button, and your changes are locked in. Our system updates your CC and BCC lists with your modifications. The current Bcc setting inside the email account is unaffected and will work as before.


  • If you send emails to prospects and include people in the Cc (Carbon copy) or Bcc (Blind carbon copy) fields, and those Cc/Bcc recipients reply to the prospects, those replies won't be tracked in Unified Inbox.

  • However, if someone in the Cc field includes your email address (the sender) in their reply, it will be tracked as a reply of Prospect, even if they weren't the original recipient.

  • If someone in the Cc/Bcc list unsubscribes from the email, it will be counted as if the prospect has unsubscribed. Similarly, if someone in the Cc/Bcc list clicks a link in the email, it will be counted as if the prospect clicked the link.

  • If you have a sequence with 1000 prospects and someone in the Cc has opened all 1000 emails, it will be counted as 1000 opens.

  • But if that person opens one email more than once, it will be counted as multiple opens. For example, if they open the same email thrice, it will show as "3 opens" because it's not unique.

So, in simple terms, it tracks who opens the emails, and if someone in the Cc includes you in their reply, it counts as a reply. If they open the same email multiple times, it counts each time they open it.

Your saved email accounts are now ready for action, making your email communications more efficient and organized.


Make it easy for your subscribers to opt out gracefully. Adding an automated unsubscribe text message at the end of emails shows respect for their choices and builds trust with your audience. 📵

🪜Steps to Follow

Default Option: Enabled for You

We believe in making things seamless for you. By default, the Use Unsubscribe Link in Emails is already Enabled. This way, your leads will have the freedom to choose whether they want to continue receiving your emails or explore other options. We value your lead preferences! 🌟📩

Disable the Unsubscribe Option, If You Wish

But hey, we respect your choices! If you prefer to keep the email train rolling and not use the unsubscribe option, that's totally up to you. We want to ensure you have the flexibility to customize your email experience. 😊

If you decide to disable the unsubscribe option, it's a simple process. Just click on the toggle button. A pop-up message will appear, kindly asking for confirmation. If you're sure about disabling the opt-out link, go ahead and click "YES." This action will disable the link, giving you full control over your subscription. Your inbox, your rules! 🙌❌

Remember, our goal is to provide you with an email experience that suits your preferences. So, feel free to choose the option that aligns with your needs. We're here to support you every step of the way. 🎯📧

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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