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Getting Started

Learn how to start your saleshandy journey 🚀

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Learn everything about managing prospects in your saleshandy account

➕How to Add/Import Prospects to Your Saleshandy Sequence?Mastering the Art of Seamlessly Adding Prospects to Your Sequences 🌟
🔮Cracking the Code of CSV Updates in Saleshandy: Elevate Your Prospect Game!How do the options update missing fields, overwrite, and skip existing prospects work after importing a CSV file of prospects?
✖️How to Allow the Same Prospect in Multiple Sequences?Saleshandy allows you to choose whether you want to add the same prospect in multiple sequences or not.
👥Saleshandy Prospect ManagementLearn everything about prospect management in your saleshandy account
🏷️Tags: What, Why, and How to Set it up?Everything about Saleshandy Tags
🔀How to Move Contacts from Freshsales to Saleshandy?Bringing Your Contacts to Saleshandy: A Breeze with Freshsales 🌟
⏯️How to Pause/Resume a Prospect in Sequence?Wondering if there is a way to Block Automatic Emails (ex. Out Of Office Emails(OOO))?
🔄Set up your Merge Tags, Custom Merge Tags, and Fallback TextWhat, Why, and How to setup Merge Tags, Custom Merge Tags, and Fallback Text in your Content or Email Marketing Strategy
🔖Merge Tags: What, Why, and How to Set it up?Understanding and Implementing Merge Tags and Learn Why Merge Tags are required for Personalized Communication.
🪄Custom Merge Tags(Custom Fields): What, Why, and How to Set it up?Understanding and Implementing Custom Merge Tags (Custom Fields) and learn Why Custom Merge Tags are required for Enhanced Personalization
🌟Fallback Text: What, Why, and How to set it up?Ensure a seamless experience with fallback text for missing data and Learn What, Why, and How to set it up?
🏖️Out of Office Detection, Auto Pause, and Resume ⏯️How to Pause Prospects based on Out-of-Office email reply detection
📩How to Change the Primary Email Address of a Prospect/Lead/Contact?

✏️How Can I Edit the Active Sequence?How to Customize Your Live Sequence?
🔏What is 2FA, and how to generate an app password?Step by step guide to enable 2fa and generate app password.
🕵️‍♂️Why Some Replies Aren't Tracked in Unified Inbox(Saleshandy)?Everything about What are the reasons why Email Replies are not tracked in Saleshandy
🧩Decoding Email Open Tracking: Why is my Email Open not tracked properly?Does email tracking always work accurately? Why my email is not tracked properly?
🖥️How to Create a CSV File on Mac?Simple Steps for Spreadsheet Sorcery(Create a CSV File on MAC)
📋How to create a CSV file?Simple Steps for Spreadsheet Sorcery(Create a CSV File)
👻What are Risky, Invalid, and Valid Contacts?Breaking Down the Contact Categories: Risky, Invalid, and Valid Contacts
🕵️‍♂️How to Check Your DNS Provider?Finding Your DNS Provider: A Quick Guide
🧙‍♀️How to Save an Excel File as .CSV?Turning Excel Magic into CSV Wizardry
🧠Alternate Domain Name Ideas: Unleash Your Creativity!Suggestions to get the best domain names for your outreach
📧SMTP Settings for Popular Email Service ProvidersSetting Up SMTP for Seamless Email Communication
🚫Saleshandy is Not Working?What if your Saleshandy is Not Working?
📞Book a Demo With the Sales TeamBook Meeting with Sales Team for Product Demo and Pricing
📛How to Change Sender Name/Account Name?How to edit the sending name or account name from Saleshandy?
🏀How do I Remove Bounces from an Email Sequence?
🙅Do you know Why Scheduled Emails Are Not Shown?Scheduled Emails and System Limits: Unveiling the Mystery 💌
Microsoft: Steps to Authenticate the Email ID to Accept Third-Party Tool(Saleshandy)
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Saleshandy Cold Email Best Practices
How to Use Saleshandy with DarkMode ?Want to use Saleshandy in Dark Mode here is the guidebook
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How can I easily see What Campaigns are Active and What is Closed and Finished Already?
How to Download Prospect from Existing Sequence?
My Emails that were added to the Campaign are Getting Banned.
How can I see what campaigns are active and what is closed and finished already?
Automating Email Organization: How to Create Rules to Sort Messages by Subject?Can i create a rule/filter that can automatically move the emails with the certain subject headline to other folder?
Sales Content
How to check Spam Score / Email Score?
What Email Providers are the Best for Cold Emailing, or What Email Providers do you see most on Saleshandy?
I have created an account in Saleshandy but I am unable to login into Outlook plugin of Saleshandy. The error message is showing as Invalid Credential.
I am getting an error on Gsuite
How to trigger a behavior-based response?
My name is going out with "corrupted" characters
I am currently trying to connect an Outlook account, but am getting an error that says "Internal server error, please try again later". How can I fix this?
How to Unsubscribe Prospect based on the Outcomes (Interested, Not Interested, Meeting Booked, Auto Response, Closed, Not Now, Do not Contact)?
How do I exclude Unsubscribe emails, or How can I exclude customer list emails?How to create a suppression list (Unsubscribe list) to exclude individual emails or I want to add in customer exclusion lists
How to Send an Email to Auto-responded prospects?How to send an email to prospects who opted out from my sequence to send step 2
Custom Tracking Domain Issues (Invalid Domain Error)