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💌Email Template: What, Why, and How to set it up?
💌Email Template: What, Why, and How to set it up?

Using Email Templates: Save Time and Send Awesome Emails! 💌

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Do you know what a template is? It's like a ready-made email you can save in your special email helper, Saleshandy. These templates are super handy because you can use them repeatedly without typing the same stuff all the time. Imagine that! 💌✨

💌Email Templates

How Does Email Templates Help?

Guess what? Templates are like time-saving superheroes! 🚀

Time-Saving: Instead of writing the same email repeatedly, you click a few buttons, and the template magically appears in your email. That way, you can spend more time doing fun instead of typing the same words daily. 🎉⏰

You know what's cool?

Consistency: Templates ensure your emails look and sound the same every time you send them. So, if you have a special way of talking to your friends or family, templates help you talk to people the same way every time. 📚🗣️

And guess what else?

Sharing: You can even share these templates with your team buddies through Saleshandy. So, if you find an awesome email, your friends can use it too! 🤝👫

How to Create a Template?

You can create a template in Saleshandy by clicking "Templates" on the left-hand column. Give the template a Title and write your cold email.

The template can be previewed by sending a test email before saving.

How to Create an HTML Template?

Do you know what's super techy? You can even use special codes called HTML to make your emails look even cooler. But be careful with that because sometimes it can make emails go to the wrong place! 🚫📥

Go to the editor and click the source code “<>” button.

If you write plain text, the template will be displayed in HTML format. Change it or paste a new one if you want.

⚠️Important: Using HTML in your cold email templates is not recommended, as it affects deliverability and may not pass spam filters.

🏆Best Practices for Email Templates

1️⃣ Use Merge Tag

Personalize your cold email using "Merge Tags," including the prospect's goals and pain points. 🙌👋

2️⃣ Use Spintax

You can make different versions of the same email using a secret tool called "Spintax." It's like making your email messages unique! 🌀🤐

3️⃣ Use AI Content Help Guide

Saleshandy AI can help you write emails that don't go into the spam folder and get more replies! 🤖📬

To check what links and spammy words are in the email content, click the content guide and click on Words and Links. Spamminess in the content guide will show the words from your email content only.

You can copy any word and click [Control + F] and then enter that word you see in the spammines and click on the enter tab, and it will show you all the places where that word is placed in your email content. You can ignore one or two words that won't cause any hamper to the sequence, but it's not an ideal practice.

Imagine you're doing medical billing for Home Health services, and the word "Home" keeps getting flagged as potentially spammy. However, it's okay to use the word "Home" in your content, even if it's considered spammy.

In an ideal situation, you can decide which words to use in your emails based on what you want to talk about. The words we've listed in our content guide as potentially spammy are ones that aren't commonly used and are often marked as spam by people who receive emails. It's not about whether your email will go to the spam folder or the primary inbox. Instead, it's about understanding which keywords people tend to associate with spam emails.

"Spamminess" doesn't necessarily mean your email will go to the spam folder. It simply indicates words that people often associate with spammy emails. However, it's important to note that it might affect your email if the email service provider (ESP) has blocked a particular keyword.

So, remember that using certain words might trigger spam filters or cause people to mark your email as spam, but it doesn't necessarily determine where your email ends up. It's more about understanding the potential impact of specific keywords on how your email is perceived.

4️⃣ Use Email Variation

You can also try follow-ups and different email variations to see which works best for the people you're writing to. It's like being a detective! 🔍🕵️‍♂️

5️⃣ Use Clear Formatting

While creating templates, remove all the unnecessary formatting and HTML traces using the “Tx” button in the editor. It helps you write a clean copy. Clean and clear! ✨🧹

How to Measure Email Template Performance?

In Saleshandy, you can Track Template Performance based on two parameters:

No of times used: You can see how many times the template has been used in your emails, regardless of the number of steps or sequences.

No of times opened: You can also track the number of times the recipient has opened the email containing the template.

Go to the "Templates" tab in your Saleshandy account. You'll see how often the template has been used (represented by an arrow symbol) and how often the email containing the template has been opened (represented by an eye symbol).

By tracking these metrics, you can determine how effectively your templates engage your audience and adjust your cold email strategy accordingly.

So, now you're all set to use these awesome templates like a pro. Just remember, they're like your email helpers, making things easier and more fun! Have a blast writing your emails! 💌🎈

Mission accomplished; you've successfully added an Email Template in Saleshandy. 👏

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you adjust spam words?

You can ignore one or two words that won't cause any hamper to the sequence.

I just drafted an email, and I don't know where my email is.

Once you draft your email, you can see the email content inside the sequence and the steps created in the sequence.

Which of my words are spammy in Email/Sequence?

When you see the content guide, and it shows 4 words spammy, then you need to hover your cursor on the 4 words, and it will show you the words. Please check the image shared below for your reference:

I created a file in Canva and want it to be in the email body. How can I do that? I don't want it as an attachment.

Canva gives you iframe HTML code. To add the content to Saleshandy, you will need an Emailer HTML code. Hence, Canva-based email content won't be supported.

I'm having trouble adjusting line height in my emails, or I want my words closer together, but it automatically spreads them out.

Please try pasting it as plain text or select the entire email content and click on the "Tx" icon on top of the email content editor bar at Saleshandy.

How can I access my sequences without needing to resubscribe?

If you have an active subscription at Saleshandy with a registered email account. Then, only you can access the email content you have written there. Otherwise, you need to subscribe to the plan. We won't be able to help here.

Can we have a different subject for all the follow-ups?

You can have different subjects for all the follow-ups but in that case, the emails will not go in the same thread. It means it will be sent like a new email, not like the reply on the previous one.

I have a different subject line than the previous email. Will my email go in the same thread?

Can you please check whether the follow-up email has a different subject than the previous mail?

If you want to send a follow-up email in the same thread, just leave the Subject line empty, and your emails will land on the same thread.

It should be like this.

How do I embed customized custom video links in my CSV within a Sequence in SalesHandy?

You can add the HTML code to embed the video in the email content.

How to add different videos for each prospect?

There is no such way as of now to have a custom video link for each prospect, but you can add a video redirection URL as a merge tag for the prospects. However, if you have a generic video for all the prospects, you can embed the code of the video in the email content as HTML code.

I just encountered an issue in a sequence wherein all the new steps we create are sent as a new mail thread.

Here, it went wrong. If you want to send a follow-up email in the same thread, leave the Subject line empty, and your emails will land on the same thread.

It should be like this.

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling! 💼🪄

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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