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👁️How to Preview the Email and Send Test Email?
👁️How to Preview the Email and Send Test Email?

How to send test email and preview the email ??

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Ever found yourself in the all-too-familiar scenario of crafting that perfect email, hitting send, and then - oops! - spotting a typo, or worse, realizing it doesn’t look quite right in your prospect's inbox? 😱 Fear not, because we’ve got your back with our latest game-changer that’s about to make those email oopsies a thing of the past!

Introducing the new email preview feature, complete with a content guide that’s all about making your life easier and your emails sharper. 💌✨

Email Preview & Content Guide🚀

📺Video Guide

🌈 Email Preview: See It Before You Send It

Picture this: You’re typing away, crafting what feels like the email masterpiece of the century. But how will it really look in your recipient's inbox? With our new Email Preview tab, you can see a live preview right on the spot! 🖥️👀 It’s like having a magic mirror for your emails - no surprises, just confidence in every send.

📘 Content Guide: Your Email Bestie

Stuck on what to write or how to make your email pop? Click the AI Content Guide tab for inspiration, tips, and tricks tailored just for you. Whether you need a nudge with your subject line or a complete content makeover, consider this tab your go-to guru. 📚

  • Subject Length: Nail the perfect subject line length to grab attention without getting cut off by email clients, ensuring your message stands out.

  • Word Count: Keep your email concise yet informative to spark interest and encourage action, with guidance on striking the right balance.

  • Personalization: Elevate your emails with personal touches that go beyond names, tailoring content to recipient interests and needs for higher engagement by using spintax and merge tags.

  • Links: Use links wisely to drive traffic without overwhelming your message, with recommendations on quantity and integration for a professional touch.

  • Spamminess: Dodge spam filters with smart phrasing and formatting, protecting your sender reputation and boosting email deliverability.

📧 Test Drive Your Email: No Risks, All Reward

Ever wished you could test an email before the big send-off? Now you can! Enter your test recipient's details, and hit send on a test email right from the Email Preview UI.

Select From Email from the drop-down menu from which you want to send an email. If you haven’t connected an email account yet, you need first to connect your email account to your sequence.

Select the Prospects from the To drop-down to whom you want to send a Test email. The test email will contain the details of the prospect you have selected.

You're all set to test out an email, but you haven't added any prospects to it yet. 🤔 No worries! Guess what? The system's got your back and adds a little touch of "John" as the first name and "Doe" as the last name by default. It's like a digital placeholder party! 🎉

You also have the flexibility to select the previous and next prospect. This helps you check how your email will look for all your added prospects. In addition, you have the flexibility to preview HTML Email Templates. By default, you can see the first 25 prospects in the dropdown and can search by name or email from all the prospects added to your sequence already.

Regarding the name change, your name is updated to "ABC" to Saleshandy, but if your name is "XYZ" in your email client, then you need to change it there. Whenever you send a test email, the first prospect of the sequence will be taken up. It won't add the first name of the email you add.

Why You’ll Love It

  • See exactly what your recipients see with the Email Preview, eliminating any guesswork and post-send regrets.

  • Get unstuck in seconds with actionable advice from the Content Guide, boosting your email effectiveness.

  • Send test emails and preview them easily, ensuring your message hits all the right notes before the final send-off.

  • Value of Merge Tags: If your merge tags are missing any value, you can see it in the email preview and update it.

  • Error Detection: Catch wrong merge tag errors before they damage your credibility.

So, are you ready to elevate your email game to superstar levels? With this new feature, you’re not just sending emails; you’re confidently crafting communications that resonate, engage, and convert. Welcome to your new era of email excellence – let’s make every send a success! 🌟💌

Cheers to your next amazing email!

Happy emailing! 💌🚀

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My Test Email on my Campaign is not coming through to my account.

If you're not receiving the test email from your campaign, follow these steps to send a test email to yourself:

1. Click "Templates" on the left-hand column in Saleshandy.
2. Give the template a title and write your email content.
3. Send a test email to yourself to preview the template before saving it.

Following these steps ensures your campaign looks as intended before sending it to your recipients. If you still don't receive the test email, check your spam folder and ensure that your email address is correctly entered. Additionally, wait for a few minutes, as email delivery might be delayed.

As an additional step, please go to email accounts and reconnect your email account. Please remove and add again.

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