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ICP Campaigns Using Saleshandy and Persana AI
ICP Campaigns Using Saleshandy and Persana AI
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🪜Steps to Follow

  1. Search for the Lead Data in Saleshandy

    • Log in to your Saleshandy account.

    • Navigate to the lead finder section and search for the lead data you need.

  2. Export the Data

    • Select the leads you want to export.

    • Use the export option to download the lead data as a CSV file.

  3. Edit the File

    • Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor (like Excel or Google Sheets).

    • Make the necessary edits to the lead data.

  4. Import the Data to Persana AI

    • Log in to your Persana AI account.

    • Use the import function to upload the edited CSV file.

  5. Enrich the Data in Persana AI

    • Use Persana AI’s enrichment features to add additional information to the lead data.

  6. Add Custom Fields in Saleshandy if Required

    • If the enriched data includes new fields, log in to Saleshandy.

    • Navigate to the custom fields section and add the new fields.

  7. Import the Prospect Data into Saleshandy Sequence

    • Export the enriched data from Persana AI.

    • Log in to Saleshandy and import the data into the appropriate sequence. Make sure columns are less than 50 if not kindly edit it.

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