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➕How to Add/Import Prospects to Your Saleshandy Sequence?
➕How to Add/Import Prospects to Your Saleshandy Sequence?

Mastering the Art of Seamlessly Adding Prospects to Your Sequences 🌟

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Adding prospects to your sequences is a snap, and we're here to guide you through every enchanting step. Whether you're bringing in a crowd with CSV files or carefully crafting your list, let's dive into the spellbinding world of Prospect Management! 🧙‍♂️📥

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➕Add Prospects

Add Prospects via Saleshandy Lead Finder🔎

Saleshandy’s B2B lead finder tool is one of the lead finder tools you can use to try to acquire qualified and accurate email addresses. It has a vast database of 750M+ contacts across 35M+ companies worldwide. Using its lead finder tool; you can easily find active and verified email addresses.

Moreover, with advanced search filters, you can precisely search for leads by name, role, department, job title, location, and other attributes to find more relevant leads.

📺Video Guide

🪜Steps to Follow

Step 1️⃣ Create an Account & Navigate to Lead Finder

Sign up to create your account. (Skip this step if you're already a user). Click the magnifying glass icon 🔍 on the side toolbar. It is the lead finder tool.

Step 2️⃣ Select your Ideal Customer Profile

Once you open it, you will see a detailed dashboard overview with a list of filters.

Step 3️⃣ Apply Filters

Apply the filters, and you’ll see relevant results. You can click on the “Get contact info” option to find the email address of any listed contact.

Step 4️⃣ Check your Saved Leads

Navigate to a Saved tab inside Lead Finder to access your revealed Leads. Your leads are always at your fingertips

Step 5️⃣ Take Actions on your Revealed Leads

  1. You can Save as a Prospect inside Saleshandy. It will show up in the Prospects tab.

    By default, Prospects are saved. To modify this setting, navigate to Admin Settings and turn the toggle OFF.

  2. You can directly Add your revealed leads to your Sequence. Select the Sequence and Sequence Steps where you would like to add your prospect (Lead).

    There you go! That way, you get access to leads and can directly use them for cold outreach within the same platform. It makes the process a lot more streamlined.

    💡Important: You can select up to 100 email addresses, save them as a prospecting list, and directly add them to your email sequences in Saleshandy.

  3. You can export the Lead Data, and the file will download automatically.

Import Prospects via CSV File 📂

To kick things off, let's master the art of importing prospects using CSV files. But first, a little prep work – ensure your CSV is in tip-top format!

Those custom fields are powerful magic but must be mapped correctly during the import dance.

Just a heads up: improperly formatted columns can throw a wrench into your custom field mapping.

Not to worry – we've got a Sample CSV File you can use as a reference! 📝✨


  • The CSV file should not add commas ( , ) in any fields.

  • There should be no more than 50 columns in one CSV file.

  • Saleshandy support 5000 contacts per CSV file. Hence, to upload 5000+ contacts, you must upload multiple CSV files with up to 5000 contacts each.

The fields you set (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, etc.) can be used as Merge Tags to add a personalized spark to your emails.

Once your CSV file is ready, upload it to Saleshandy in two ways

  1. Navigate to the Prospects tab and click on Import via CSV.

  2. Navigate to the Sequence tab, Select the Sequence, and then click on Prospects inside the Sequence tab and click on Add Prospect.

    You'll have two options to choose from: Import via CSV and Search & Add.

Once your CSV file is uploaded, you can Map the Fields, Add Tags to the Prospects, and Verify your Prospect Email IDs.

Adding Prospects Manually💼

If you don't have many prospects to add to your campaign, you can do it manually instead of creating a CSV.

Go to the Prospect Tab and click on Add Prospect.

Fill in the required information of your prospect, and you are good to go.

Make sure you are verifying your prospect’s email address before sending them emails, as sending emails without verifying email addresses can increase your bounce rate.

Add Prospects via Saleshandy Connect Extension🕵️‍♂️

Ready for a dash of tech? Saleshandy Connect extension makes finding your prospects' accurate and verified email addresses easy from LinkedIn. You can also directly add these prospects from LinkedIn to your Saleshandy sequence.

To find prospects’ email addresses, you need to install the Saleshandy Connect extension in your Chrome browser by clicking here.

Now, with the extension all set, follow these steps:

  1. Log into LinkedIn.

  2. Navigate to the Prospect’s profile page.

  3. Click on the extension icon shown next to the URL bar.

  4. Watch the magic unfold as you grab your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address right from the popup!

  5. Click on Show more fields to display all the custom fields you’ve added in Saleshandy. If you have not added custom fields or don’t know how to refer to this article.

  6. Fill in the data in Custom fields, which makes your emails personalized.

  7. Click the toggle next Add to Sequence to add the prospect to a particular sequence. You can also Select the Sequence and Step to which you want to Add your Prospect.

  8. A toggle message will appear, indicating that the prospect has successfully added.

Verify Leads with Saleshandy🛡️

Before you start sending emails, remember to verify them! Verifying leads is easy with Saleshandy and does not require uploading CSV separately.

Once you have uploaded the CSV in the prospect tab and mapped the field, you will get an Email verification option under Review &Import.

Put tags on your lists (they help you segment your list and keep it organized in Saleshandy), and proceed to continue.

You will receive an email after the prospects are verified, and it will show you the breakdown of Valid, Risky, and Contacts in the prospect list.

Export the list and remove the bad, risky, and undeliverable email addresses before uploading it to Saleshandy.

And voila, you have a clean email list now!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Can I add a column in CSV that converts into a new tag?

Nope, you can not add a column that converts into the tag; however, while uploading the CSV file on the final page, you can choose a tag that will be applied to all prospects in the same CSV. You can create multiple CSVs and upload them separately in SH to select separate tags relevant to each CSV while uploading them.

What happens when I have a prospect in CSV which is already present in sequence? Does it upload twice?

Nope, it doesn't upload twice. However, Saleshandy matches the prospects from email accounts as a reference. So, if the emails for both prospects are the same, they won't upload. However, if the prospects (Name/Person) are the same but have a different email, Saleshandy considers it a new prospect.

What are the reasons for Prospect Failure while Adding Prospect to the Sequence?

There are multiple reasons for Prospect Failure while adding a prospect to the Sequence.

  1. When the Admin settings 'Allow adding one prospect in multiple sequences' are turned Off.

  2. When the prospect is already bounced or unsubscribed in another sequence

  3. When the prospect is already present in sequence in the same step

  4. When the prospect is already present in sequence in other steps

  5. When the prospect is invalid(bad prospect).

Mission accomplished; you've successfully added Prospects to your Saleshandy Sequence. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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