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Contact Properties
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Choose the type of fields you want to map between Saleshandy Fields to sync Contact Properties data in Salesforce.

Saleshandy Field Mapping

Salesforce Contact Properties

Prospects in Saleshandy

Contact ID


Master Record ID

Account ID

Last Name

First Name


Full Name

Other Street

Other City

Other State/Province

Other Zip/Postal Code

Other Country

Other Latitude

Other Longitude

Other Geocode


Other Address

Mailing Street

Mailing City

Mailing State/Province

Mailing Zip/Postal Code

Mailing Country

Mailing Latitude

Mailing Longitude

Mailing Geocode Accuracy

Mailing Address

Business Phone

Business Fax

Mobile Phone

Home Phone

Other Phone

Asst. Phone

Roll No

Reports To ID

House No




Assistant's Name

Lead Source


Contact Description

Owner ID

Created Date

Created By ID

Last Modified Date

Last Modified By ID

System Modstamp

Last Activity

Last Stay-in-Touch Request Date

Last Stay-in-Touch Save Date

Last Viewed Date

Last Referenced Date

Email Bounced Reason

Email Bounced Date

Is Email Bounced

Photo URL Key

Jigsaw Contact ID

Clean Status

Individual ID



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