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📩How to Change the Primary Email Address of a Prospect/Lead/Contact?
📩How to Change the Primary Email Address of a Prospect/Lead/Contact?
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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

In our continuous effort to enhance user experience and functionality, we have introduced the capability for users to update the primary email address for their prospects. This support article guides you through the process of changing a prospect's primary email address, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining the effectiveness of your communication strategies.

How to change the primary email address of a Prospect/Lead/Contact?


  • A prospect must have more than one email address listed in their profile.

  • The user intending to change the primary email address must have access to the prospect’s information.

🪜Steps to Follow

Step1️⃣ Navigate to the Prospect Sidebar

Locate and select the prospect whose primary email address you wish to update. The prospect sidebar will display all associated email addresses.

Step2️⃣ Select the New Primary Email

Identify the email address you wish to set as primary. Next to the email address, you will find a radio button – clicking this button will nominate that email as the prospect’s new primary email address.

Step 3️⃣ Confirmation Prompt

If the prospect is currently active in any email sequence, a confirmation prompt will appear. This step ensures that you are aware of the potential impacts on ongoing communications. Confirm your choice to proceed.


  • Primary Email Display: The current primary email address is prominently displayed at the top of the prospect sidebar for easy identification.

  • Email Verification and Bounce Status: Individual email addresses will now show verification status and bounce history, providing detailed insights at the email level.

  • Activity Log: Changes to the primary email address are recorded in the prospect's Activity tab. This log helps track historical changes for auditing and management purposes.

  • The default email address can not be deleted.

  • The update of primary email addresses through CSV import or in bulk is currently not supported.

Updating the primary email address for prospects is now a straightforward process designed to enhance your communication strategies. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure your communications reach the most relevant and responsive email address for each prospect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I revert the primary email address back to the previous one?

Yes, the primary email address can be changed multiple times, allowing for flexibility in managing prospect information.

Who has the authority to change the primary email address of a prospect?

Any user with access to the prospect’s profile can update the primary email address, ensuring team members can manage communications effectively.

What happens if I change a prospect's primary email after sending an email?

Our system keeps track of communications to both the new and previous primary emails. Replies and bounces from the old primary email are updated in the prospect's profile. This ensures no communication is missed, and continuity is maintained in the Unified Inbox as well.

Will replies go to the new primary email?

Replies continue to be directed to the email address from which they were received to maintain conversation continuity. This means replies will go to the same address the initial email was sent from, not necessarily the new primary email.

How does changing the primary email affect reply and bounce tracking?

Our system tracks replies and bounces for emails sent to any primary email address of the prospect, ensuring a complete view of engagement over time.

How does the email verification and bounce status affect prospect filtering?

Filtering is based on the status of the current primary email. If the current primary email is 'not verified' or has bounced, the prospect will reflect this status, ensuring your filters use the most relevant data.

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