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⚔️Sequence: Prospect Tab vs. Email Tab
⚔️Sequence: Prospect Tab vs. Email Tab
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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Welcome to the Prospects and Email tabs, your go-to spot for tracking and managing all your outreach efforts.

Prospect Tab vs. Email Tab

Prospect Tab

Email Tab

Prospects keep moving to Next Stage

Email Data Remains Constant

The Prospect Tab has a Unique Entry of Prospects Data (No Duplicate Prospects exist). There can be 3 emails sent to Prospect, but there will always be a unique prospect.

The email Tab has Multiple Entries if the Sequence has 3 steps, there will be 3 emails per prospect as per the prospect activity, I.e., if the prospect has not performed any activity.

For N steps, there will be n prospects.

For N steps, there will be n emails.

Prospects Tab 📊

Here's where the magic happens! 🪄 Keep a close eye on your Prospects and see how they interact with your emails. Check out these awesome features:

The number of engagements is shown for the whole sequence and not only for the current step.

For example, if you see 2 opened, 2 unique prospects have opened an email at least once(no more ambiguity). They are currently in another step, and they've not opened that step email.

📈 Total

A quick snapshot of the Total Prospects you have added in Sequence.

📞 Not Contacted

Total prospects who have not been contacted from the sequence ever.

🤙 Contacted

Total Prospects who have been contacted from at least one step. 📬

👀 Opened

Total prospects who have opened at least one email. Someone's paying attention!👁️

📩 Replied

Total prospects who have replied at least once to this sequence’s email. Conversations are blooming. Your inbox is getting chatty! 🗣️

🔗 Clicked

Total prospects who have clicked at least once on this sequence’s email. Links clicked mean interest sparked! You can find out what's catching their curiosity. 🖱️

📤🚫Sent, No Open

Total prospects who have been contacted but have not recorded even one open. No worries, their inbox might be just a bit crowded. Your message will shine through!

👁️🔗Opened, No Clicked

They opened your email, but the links await their click. Maybe they're diving deep into your content first!

👁️🤐Opened, No Reply

Total prospects who have opened but have not replied even once. Don't fret! Sometimes, the right words take a moment to form.

👁️🤐Clicked, No Reply

Total prospects who have clicked but have not replied even once. You've intrigued them, and they're processing all that fantastic info.

🙅‍♀️ Unsubscribed

Total prospects who have unsubscribed. Oops, someone's not feeling the vibe. Let's respect their decision. 🙏

🔍 Add Prospects

Don't miss out on potential connections! Add them manually or search for your next big thing. 🔎

  • Import via CSV📥: Got a lot on your plate? Import prospects with ease.

  • Refresh🔄: Keep things up-to-date with a simple click. Stay in the loop, always!

  • Export📤: Need to share or back up your data? Export it like a pro! 🚀

📋Prospect Name

The star of the show! Each name represents a potential connection, an opportunity waiting to unfold.

🏃‍♂️Current Step

Where are they on their journey? This step is like a checkpoint showing how far you've come together. (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step Z)

💌Current Step Status

The heartbeat of your interaction! Keep an eye on how they're engaging with your emails:

  • Sent: 📤 You've sent your message out into the world.

  • Opened: 👁️ They've invited your email in and given it their attention.

  • Clicked: 🔗 Interest piqued! They're exploring more through your links.

  • Replied: 🗣️ Conversation initiated! You're building that dialogue.

🌟Prospect Outcomes

The grand finale of your efforts, with multiple possible outcomes.

  • Interested: 🤩 They're hooked and excited!

  • Meeting Booked: 🗓️ Success! A meeting is on the horizon.

  • Closed: 🎉 Mission accomplished! You've sealed the deal.

  • Auto Response: 🔄 Automated response detected; sometimes, it's just the bots.

  • Not Interested: ❌ Different strokes for different folks. Not this time.

  • Not Now: ⏳ Timing is everything. Maybe later!

  • Do Not Contact: 🙅‍♀️ They've politely declined further contact.

🏷️ Tags

Personalized touch! Tagging helps you categorize prospects based on commonalities or specific details.

🕒Last Activity

When was the last interaction? Please stay updated on their recent engagements, and make sure you're always in the loop.


You can filter the prospects based on


Get ready to sort and conquer! You can filter prospects based on their current status:

  • Subscribed: 💌 Still on board and engaged with your journey.

  • Unsubscribed: 📭 Opted out, but it's all good. Respect their choice.

  • Bounced: ❌ Email troubles? These prospects didn't receive your message.

  • Paused: ⏸️ On a break? These folks are taking a moment to ponder.

Tags 🏷️

Your secret weapon! Tagging lets you group prospects by interests, actions, or anything else that makes them special.

Verification Status📞

Safety first! Filter prospects based on their verification status:

  • Unverified: ❓ Not confirmed yet – be cautious.

  • Valid: ✅ Verified and ready to roll.

  • Risky: ⚠️ Approach with care; there might be some uncertainty.

  • Bad: ❌ Something's off – maybe it's time to reconsider.

Based on Owners🕴️

Who's on prospect duty? Filter by owners and keep everyone on the same page.

Based on Created Date🗓️

Get chronological! Filter prospects based on when they entered the scene.


If the prospect receives the email in the first step and is marked as finished or can be Replied / Unsubscribed / Bounced, then that prospect will remain in that particular step, and the rest will be moved to the next step at night, 12:00 the day before the next schedule.

Prospects are moved to Step 2 according to your schedule. If Step 1 is shared on Friday and you have kept Step 2 for Day 3, then Prospect will be shifted on Sunday Midnight at 12:00 AM, so Step 2 can be shared on Monday. It will always follow your Schedule for all future steps.

The last step will show the number of prospects present until the Sequence's end.

For N number of Steps, the last step always has the remaining prospect who hasn't replied or performed any activity.

  • Prospects keep moving to the Next Stage.

  • For N steps, there will be n prospects.

  • The Prospect Tab has a Unique Entry of Prospects Data (No Duplicate Prospects exist). There can be 3 emails sent to Prospect, but there will always be a unique prospect.

Email Tab ✉️

It's Time to craft killer emails and see how they perform! 💌

🪜 Steps

All Steps: It shows your Sequence's total number of Emails. i.e., If there are 3 steps in a sequence, then there will be 3 emails that will be shared with the prospect. So if you have 100 prospects then there is a chance there are 300 emails if all the emails are valid.

Step 1:

For example, If the prospect receives the email in the first step and is marked as finished or can be Replied / Unsubscribed / Bounced, then that prospect will remain in that particular step, and the rest will be moved to the next step at night, 12:00 the day before the next schedule.

💌 Total

Total Number of emails that are shared to the prospects. 🏀

📅 Scheduled

Several emails are scheduled to be sent. 🕑

🚀 Delivered

Your email's out there, making its way to inboxes! 📮

👀 Opened

The anticipation is over—someone's checking out your masterpiece. 📬

🖱️ Clicked

Links getting love? Dive into the details of what's being explored. 🔗

🗣️ Replied

Conversations are sparking! You're on the right track. 🗨️

🔙 Bounced

Sometimes, emails come back like a boomerang. But we've got your back! 🏹


Not all flights are smooth. Failed sends? No worries, we learn and adapt! 📭


The star of the show! Each one is a potential connection waiting to be made, an opportunity to forge a meaningful relationship.


Where are they on their path? The step indicates how far along they are in your engagement process. (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3)


It's like the baton pass! You've scheduled or sent an email, sending your message on its journey to their inbox.

👤Sender Email

Who's behind the curtain? Your email address shows your personal touch in this digital dance.

📝 Actions

Manage your emails with ease. Edit, send, and keep the conversation flowing! ✍️

  • Send Now: 📤 Ready to launch? Hit this button, and your carefully crafted email takes flight, soaring into your prospect's inbox. If you want to send an email to a prospect anyhow, you can always go to the email tab and click on the Send Now button, and the email will be shared automatically. But remember, sending an immediate email to more than 50 Prospects will damage your email deliverability. You always have the flexibility to send the email anytime. Also, keep in mind. that you can select in Bulk as we're mainly focusing on cold emailing we'll allow you to select the prospects one by one and click on Send now button individually for each prospect.

  • Preview Email: 👀 The sneak peek! Get a glimpse of your email's appearance before it reaches its destination. Ensure it's pitch-perfect!

  • Mark as Replied: 📬 The conversation continues! When your prospect replies, hit this button to keep track of the ongoing interaction.

  • Mark as Bounced: ❌ Uh-oh, a bounced email? No worries! Mark it as such to stay on top of your communication and keep things tidy.


You can filter Emails based on

  • Sender Email: 📧✉️ Who's behind the curtain? Filter emails based on the sender's address and tailor your view to specific conversations.

  • Email Variants: 🧩🔍 Diving into the details! Filter based on different versions of emails you've sent, ensuring you're keeping track of each communication thread.

  • Sent Date: 📅⏰ Get chronological! Filter by the date you sent emails, keeping you organized and up-to-date on your interactions.

Now that you're equipped with the power of the tabs go ahead and work your magic! Remember, we're here to make your journey as smooth as possible. 🚀 Keep rocking those outreach efforts, and if you ever need a hand or have a question, we're just a click away. Happy prospecting! 🎉🥳

Catch you on the flip side! 😉👋

Mission accomplished; you've successfully learned the difference between the Prospect Tab and Email Tab. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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