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Zoho: Triggers💡& Activities 🎯
Zoho: Triggers💡& Activities 🎯

What, Why & How to Setup Triggers & Activities for your Zoho account?

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What are Triggers💡 & Activities 🎯?

Triggers💡are actions that are performed by the prospect who has been enrolled in a sequence by the user. Examples of Triggers include email sent, email reply, link clicked, sequence email opened, and many more.

Activity🎯is the actions that are recorded in your Zoho Account when certain triggers are activated in your Saleshandy account. Examples of Activities include Create a Lead, Deal, Contact, Account, Task, and many more.

Once any of the Triggers are activated, their related Activities are performed, and similar activities also get recorded in Zoho, syncing your data from your Salashandy account to your Zoho account without going back and forth between the platforms.

How to Setup Triggers💡& Activities🎯?

📺Video Guide

🪜Steps to Follow

Please make sure to enable the triggers & activities you want to automate between Saleshandy & Zoho. You can select from Multiple Triggers available;

  • To enable it, you can use the toggle button ↔️ available, and from the drop-down, you can select the Activity you want to perform.

    Example: When an Email is Sent from Saleshandy, a Deal is Created in Zoho

  • Once you have selected the relevant Activity you want, Click on Save. A pop-up will show you to Select the number of Deal Closing Date and Select Pipeline and Select Pipeline Stage.

  • If you're creating a Task in Zoho, there are some extra configurations you can add. They are Due Date, Subject, Status (Not Started, Deferred, In Progress, Completed, Waiting on someone else)

  • You can also set Priority (High, Highest, Low, Lowest, Normal) for your tasks as well.

  • Click on Save.

Mission accomplished! you've activated Trigger & Activity with Saleshandy👏

Which Triggers💡are available in Saleshandy, and What Activities🎯you can perform in Zoho?

Note: Saleshandy Default Triggers & Activites can't be changed.



Email Sent from Saleshandy

Create a Lead in Zoho

Reply is Received in Saleshandy

Update a Lead in Zoho

Sequence Email is Opened

Create a Deal in Zoho

Link is Clicked in Saleshandy

Update a Deal in Zoho

When a Prospect is Unsubscribed

Create a Contact in Zoho

When an Email is Bounced

Update a Contact in Zoho

When a Prospect is Finished

Create Account in Zoho

When a Conversation Category is Updated

Update Account in Zoho

Sequence Email is Opened

Create a Task in Zoho

Mission accomplished; you've successfully Integrated Zoho with Saleshandy. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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