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♨️Transition to TrulyInbox for Email Warm-Up
♨️Transition to TrulyInbox for Email Warm-Up

Saleshandy partnered with TrulyInbox to provide Free Email Warm up service.

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

We have partnered with TrulyInbox, a specialized email warm-up service, to provide you with a better and more reliable solution.


  1. If you're a paid saleshandy user, you can get a free Trulyinbox Upgrade. But you need to have the same login email with Trulyinbox, and it should be the Saleshandy Owner Email. (Mandatory)

  2. Initially, your account will be on a trial plan, but don't worry Trulyinbox team will upgrade your account in 48 hours.

    1. You'll get a similar plan which is mapped with Saleshandy.

      Saleshandy Plan - Trulyinbox Plan

      Outreach Starter - Starter

      Outreach Pro - Growth

      Outreach Scale - Scale

      Outreach Scale plus 100k - Business

    2. If you're an LTD user, you'll get a Scale Plan.

Q: What is TrulyInbox, and how does it work?

A: TrulyInbox is a dedicated email warm-up service that helps users increase their email deliverability and avoid spam filters. It works by sending out a series of low-risk emails to gradually build up the reputation of your email account without triggering any red flags with email providers. To learn more, check 👋Getting Started with Trulyinbox

Q. How long will TrulyInbox take to Send and Receive Emails?

A. Trulyinbox Sending and Receiving activity starts from 8AM to 8PM as per the timezone in your profile settings

Q: Will I have to pay for TrulyInbox?

A: This service will remain free for Saleshandy Paid users. If you're not on a paid plan then you need to pay for warmup service

Q: How do I sign up for TrulyInbox?

A: To sign up for TrulyInbox, visit this website and create an account. Once you have an account, you can connect your email accounts and start warming up your emails.

Q: Auto Warmup Email: Should you prepare a client list for me? Your platform automatically prepares fake clients or bots and automates interactive conversations to complete my email warmup.

A: Our partner application, TrulyInbox, will automatically do the warm-up for you. They have more than 10000 email accounts in the warmup pool; all of those accounts are real and are added by our users for email warmup.

Q: Email Ramp-up vs. Email Warm-up

A: The ramp-up gradually increases your daily sending limit, while the email warm-up is an automated process that helps improve deliverability.

Q: To use Trulyinbox, which is the free warmup feature in partnership with Saleshandy? Do I need to use the same email to log in, or would a different one be fine, too?

A: You need to have the same login email what you have in saleshandy but you can connect different email accounts inside Trulyinbox.

Q: There is no "other" option available in Trulyinbox for SMTP Connection

A: TrulyInbox comes with limited email provider options; thus, it is impossible to add any email account with an email provider out of this list.

List of Available Email Service Providers:

  1. Gmail/Gsuite

  2. Yahoo Mail


  4. Godaddy

  5. Sendgrid

  6. Yandex

  7. Microsoft

In such a case, we suggest you use ramp-up. Please find the details about the ramp shared in the article link below: 🎢Email Ramp-up: What, Why, When, and How to Set it Up?

Q: Does Trulyinbox provide a Custom SMTP Connection?

A: No Trulyinbox does not provide a Custom SMTP Connection. Currently, Trulyinbox provides a connection with only 7 Email Service Providers shared above.

Q: Do you get any error code when the email account is paused in the trulyinbox?

A: In the case of Zoho as an ESP, If you get any error code when the email account gets paused in the trulyinbox. There is a possibility Zoho has blocked you from sending out emails, and due to the same, your warmup has been paused. Please ask the Zoho team to unblock your email account or click on the URL you receive on the top to unblock your email account.

Q: Do I need to Purchase TrulyInbox?

A: As we partnered with Trulyinbox, it's free for Saleshandy Users.

Q: I am an LTD user, and before, it was unlimited email accounts, and now it's 50 email accounts.

A: Every user can connect an Unlimited Email Account to Trulyinbox. The only restriction that Trulyinbox has is on the "Number of email accounts allowed to be warmed up at a time."

  1. Trial - 5 Email Accounts (7 days)

  2. Starter - 5 Email Accounts

  3. Growth - 20 Email Accounts

  4. Scale - 50 Email Accounts

  5. Business - 100 Email Accounts

  6. LTD - 50 Email Accounts

Q: I have purchased a one-year plan from Saleshandy. Do I have to purchase a plan from Trulyinbox?

A: If you are a Paid Saleshandy user, you don't need to plan separately for our partnered tool, Trulyinbox. Reach out to the team, and they will help you upgrade.

Q: Is Trulyinbox free for LTD users?

A: Yes, the TrulyInbox service is free for Saleshandy LTD users. It offers a free solution that allows you to connect 50 email accounts and warm up your emails. This service will remain free for Saleshandy Paid users. For LTD Users, there is a limitation of 50 connected email accounts.

Q: Most of the emails are getting bounced due to the Recipient Inbox being full.

A: In warmup, you will receive a bounce to the sent emails only. Also, the replies you receive from the warmup will be from the same email address on which the email has been sent.

Once that is unblocked, please ensure that DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records are perfectly added to your email account.

We hope this FAQ has answered your questions about Saleshandy's transition to partner with TrulyInbox for email warm-up. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

the billing section shows some amount on Trulyinbox and i cannot login to the billing section

That is just for TrulyInbox's information purpose, as they're our partner tool so they do keep that updated for our (paid Saleshandy) users accounts to maintain the subscription limits that they've have agreed to provide


If I upgrade to Outreach Scale, I get 50 warmup accounts free.

If you upgrade to the Outreach Scale plan, you can warm up to 50 email accounts in TrulyInbox.

Does Free Outlook Email Account Help in Deliverability?

Adding a free Outlook email account to warmup won't give you better deliverability. The free email accounts are meant for personal use and not for Outreach purposes. Hence, even if you warm them up, you won't get great results with the deliverability.

Mission accomplished; you've successfully Transitioned to Trulyinbox for Email Warm-up Service. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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