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How to improve your deliverability?
How to improve your deliverability?

Basic steps to make sure you get the best deliverability

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Are you facing low open rates or not getting the desired ROI from your outreach?

Here are some tips and checks which you should follow for getting the best results in your outreach. 💪

Pre-checks before you start your outreach:

  1. Having multiple domain name email accounts to increase deliverability. Check out here for more details.

  2. Keep your email health score up to date. Higher the score, the lesser the chances of your email landing in the spam folders or trash cans of your recipients.

  3. A high bounce rate will negatively affect the email deliverability rate. Hence, you should verify your list by using Saleshandy email verification make sure you verify your prospect email IDs before you start sending emails and this will help you to reduce the bounces and improve your email deliverability.

Once we are all set with this, let's see how to improve our sequences and email content. to get more open rates.

  1. Use a better subject line and make it more catchy for users to relate to and open the email.

  2. Use the merge tags to personalize the email content for each and every prospect.

  3. Refer to the content guide while writing the email so that you can improve your content for better deliverability.

  4. Use spintax feature to send the different variants for the sentences for hyper-personalization.

  5. Use fewer links inside your email content. If there are more links attached to the email then there are chances that your email can be marked as spam due to having more links.

  6. Please use unsubscribe links in your email as that also improves the deliverability and provides the decision power to recipients to stop receiving your emails if they wish to.

  7. Use fewer images compared to the texts in your email content.

These are a few simple tips and practices which you have to follow while doing a successful email campaign

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