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My Emails that were added to the Campaign are Getting Banned.
My Emails that were added to the Campaign are Getting Banned.
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Before you start your outreach, it is very much required to properly authenticate your email account with the email account authentication records like DMARC, SPF, DKIM and custom tracking domain.

We at Saleshandy show you this as a setup score.

But, If you are using free email accounts for outreach, your emails will likely land in spam, or you will face deliverability issues because the free email accounts are not for business usage and outreach purposes.

You can use a Domain-based email account to reach for better results. Ideally, if you use free email accounts, you will keep facing deliverability issues. Hence, we don't recommend using the same to get more deals.

Can I send the emails on demand to a sequence and not wait till the next day?

In this case, emails are already sent to all the prospects from the sequences.

The prospects who have not received the emails are the "risky" prospects marked by the email verification service, and they won't receive the emails by default to avoid bounces. This will be the case when there are risky prospects.

Can ramp-up help to provide these types of bans?

We can try our best, but deliverability and getting good open rates is something which we cannot provide.

Step-by-step process of exactly what you need to do while we do campaigns of approximately 30k-50k emails.

I'd like to share that the above records will help you validate your email account for sending emails.

After that, getting better open rates and reply rates is completely based on the email deliverability, type of email content, outreach, and the strategies you follow.

Hence, once you set this up, you can turn on the warmup and start with a low sending limit. That is 50 - 60 emails a day from one email account.

Also, ensure that you don't use more than 3 - 4 email accounts under one domain as having more than this, there is a chance that your email account can get blacklisted.

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