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What Happens When a Webhook Delivery Fails?
What Happens When a Webhook Delivery Fails?
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1. Notification by Email

  • When: If at least one event fails to be delivered via your webhook, the system automatically sends an email to your registered email address.

  • Email Details:

    • Subject: Important: Webhook Delivery Failure Notification

    • Content: The email will inform you about:

      • The date and time of the failure.

      • The specific event that could not be delivered.

      • The reason for the failure, if it's known (like an invalid URL or server error).

      • The number of retry attempts that have been made to deliver the webhook.

2. User Interface Indicators

  • Webhook Listing Page: If a webhook delivery fails, an error icon (a triangle with an exclamation mark) will appear next to the webhook on your listing page.

  • Tooltip: Hovering over the error icon will display a tooltip with the error code, providing a quick reference to understand what went wrong.

3. Webhook State Changes

  • Disabling and Enabling: If you disable a webhook and then enable it again, the system treats it as a fresh start. Upon re-enabling, the system will send a test event to your webhook URL to ensure it's functioning correctly. If this test fails, the webhook will not be enabled.

Helpful Resources

  • Troubleshooting Documentation: If you encounter any issues with your webhook, you can refer to our Documentation. This guide provides detailed information on common issues and how to resolve them.

  • Support: If you need further assistance, our support team is always ready to help. Just reach out with your queries.

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