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Glock App Test: Inbox Spam Test
Glock App Test: Inbox Spam Test

How do I run an Glock App Email Spam Test?

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Deliverability issues can be the difference between your email marketing success or failure. To achieve better inbox placement, the Glock App Inbox Insight tool will rate your email from 1-100 and show you exactly where your emails land in your recipient’s mailbox: Primary Inbox, Promotions Tab, or Spam Folder.

📺Video Guide

Anyone can use Inbox Insight, regardless of your email service provider. This tutorial will show you how you can test your email campaigns and find any deliverability issues before you hit Send:

How do I run an email spam test?

1️⃣ Log in to your GlockApps account and click the Start New Test button in the Inbox Insight Tab.

2️⃣ Choose which spam filters and email service providers you want to use to test your email.

We recommend selecting all the available providers and spam filters so that you get a thorough insight into your email deliverability.

You can also add a quick note on your test. This can help you differentiate the tests if you run several tests for the same email copy. After you do that, click Next.

Now, you must send an email to the industry-leading Seed List (a group of real mailboxes allocated worldwide and managed by GlockApps).

3️⃣ Copy the ID string

The ID string is unique for every spam test. It helps the system link your spam test results to your unique GlockApps report.

4️⃣ Open your email service provider, create or copy the message you want to test, and paste the ID string anywhere into your email’s content or headers.

💡Remember: We would suggest adding it inside Saleshandy Email Editor, but in that case, your email might get delivered within the timeframe and schedule you have set. There is a possibility that there is a 90-second interval between two emails. So you can use the same copy and paste it inside your ESP and then share the email.

5️⃣ Copy or download the seed list.

If your ESP allows you to create a new list or sending group, you can download the Seed List to create a new sending group. Thus, you will be able to use this list for multiple tests.

Be sure to choose a separator for the email addresses on the seed list based on the format supported by your email service provider (semicolon usually works).

6️⃣ Upload the seed list as a new audience in your ESP or paste the seed list into the To field and send your email.

7️⃣ Go back to GlockApps, click View Report, and wait a few minutes for the report to generate.

🚨To get the most accurate results, send your test email the same way you would email your recipients. It’s important to reproduce the same conditions (ESP, email software, email account, email content, etc.)

Deliverability Test Results

Deliverability Tab

Your email message will undergo several checks during your deliverability test.

Under the Deliverability tab in your report, you will find information about:

  • Your email’s placement in 70 seed mailboxes

  • Your email authentication records (SPF, DKIM, rDNS, and HELO to IP)

  • Your sending IP’s’ Sender Score

  • Where your IP is blacklisted (if the message was sent from a pool of Shared IPs, each IP is tested against public blacklists)

  • Your email’s spam score for Google Spam Filter, Barracuda, and SpamAssassin

Click on each section of your test results to see an explanation of what each check means, its importance, and relevant recommendations.

You can also access your message headers by clicking on any test email address in the report.

Content Analysis Tab

If you go to the Content Analysis tab, you’ll see an analysis of your email’s copy and HTML.

If you notice any HTML errors, you can use a template editor to fix the most common HTML issues.

If the report shows links as invalid, verify the URLs manually by opening them in your browser. Sometimes, the machine cannot imitate human actions and reports an accidental error.

Action Steps Tab

GlockApps will also recommend improving your test results under the Action Steps tab. We recommend you read them and take the suggested steps to improve your email deliverability.

Options Menu

At the top of the report, you can find a range of useful options:

  • Get Seed List – This allows you to see the test ID string and seed list you used for your test. If your report has undelivered results, retry sending your email with the ID to our seed list. The missing results will be added to the report if the message is delivered.

  • Edit Note – This allows you to edit your test notes. Notes can help you differentiate the tests if you test the same message multiple times.

  • View Email – Shows you your email message’s content.

Share Results

Opens your report in a new tab. You can share the report with anyone by using this public link. Mostly, the Saleshandy Team will ask for this link.

Resolving Test Errors

You may not receive a deliverability report after clicking the View Report button for two reasons.

  • You forgot to add the ID string to your test email. In this case, GlockApps cannot associate the email with the test.

  • Your email system or email service provider did not send the message to the GlockApps seed list.

A failed test displays an empty report that says, “Waiting for data…”

Delete or re-use the “Waiting for data” test to avoid losing credit.

First, click on the “Waiting for data” header under Reports, then click Get Seed List, copy the ID string, and paste it into your message.

Resend the message to the seed list using the SMTP server or ESP (no credit will be deducted).

Alternatively, you can delete the “Waiting for data” test, get your credit back, and create a new test in your account.

💡 Tip

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We're available on chat and ready to help you as soon as possible. 🤗

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