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Why are my Emails Getting Bounced in the Email Campaign?
Why are my Emails Getting Bounced in the Email Campaign?
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Sometimes, some (or many) emails in your email campaign get bounced for several reasons. Since SalesHandy sends your emails using your email account connection, whenever an email is bounced and returned to your mailbox, the email status is updated as Bounced in the email campaign dashboard.

Below are some of the common reasons for email bounces:

1) The recipient's email is invalid or doesn't accept incoming emails temporarily: This is a prevalent reason for bounced emails. When your email provider attempts to deliver your emails to an email address that doesn't exist or is not accepting any emails currently, the email is bounced, and you receive an error email in return.

The only solution is to use a verified email list in your email campaigns to prevent such bounce emails. You can either have your mailing list verified before scheduling the email campaign, or you can use our email verification feature to get your list validated while scheduling an email campaign.

2) Your email account has exceeded the sending quota allotted by your email provider, or it's a newly created email account: SalesHandy users are allowed to send the emails as per the sending quota given by their respective email provider on their email account. This quota may vary for each user as the email provider dynamically defines it. When you create a new email account, the sending quota remains very low for a couple of months because most ESPs don't allow bulk sending from the beginning. The email account needs to get a proper warm-up before it's allowed to send a high number of emails regularly.

When you try to send more emails than the allowed limit by your email provider, your emails will start getting bounced. To prevent this, we request users to confirm their daily sending quota with their ESP before sending bulk emails on SalesHandy.

3) The recipient's email provider rejects your emails: Sometimes, recipients' email servers have email filtering, which scans all the incoming emails and filters out some emails based on some keywords. This makes an email bounce even if the recipient's email is valid. The sender can't control these types of bounced emails or SalesHandy because the recipient's email provider rejected your emails.

4) The emails are rejected because of the tracking domain in your emails: When you send emails through any email tracking tool such as SalesHandy, it carries the tracking domain of that tool. Having generic tracking domains in your emails makes your emails vulnerable to spam filters. This may make your emails get bounced in the email campaign. This is more common when using Gmail to send emails, as Gmail is considered astringent ESP.

SalesHandy offers a custom domain tracking feature that allows you to replace generic tracking domains with your own domain. This may help you prevent such bounces. We suggest that every user set a custom tracking domain because it helps you prevent any email deliverability issues due to tracking domains in your emails. You can click below to learn how to set up a custom tracking domain on your SalesHandy account.

For V2: Link

For V3: Link

5) Your email provider is rejecting your emails as your email content is flagged as spam: When your email provider receives too many spam complaints from your recipients, your email content and domain get flagged for spamming. This leads to temporary/permanent account restrictions, so your emails start getting bounced. If you notice such restrictions from your email services

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