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My name is going out with "corrupted" characters
My name is going out with "corrupted" characters
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If you are facing the issue with the prospect's name in the CSV file, then it seems that the CSV file is not in proper UTF format, which is the reason some characters turn into (?) after uploading, as the system can't interpret them due to the format of the file.

In such cases, you can paste the content into a Google Sheet and then download the CSV file from that sheet as shown in this video:

After that, the issue will be resolved once you upload the downloaded file.

I request you to re-upload the CSV file to the prospect tab outside the sequence and keep the field selected "overwrite" when you upload it. Please check how to overwrite it from the article shared below:

It was not the prospect's name; it was my name that went bugged.

You can change your name in your Profile and under the Email Account tab.

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