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👋Prospect Outcomes: What, Why, and How to Set it Up?
👋Prospect Outcomes: What, Why, and How to Set it Up?

Streamline Your Sales Workflow: Introducing Prospect Outcomes

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Are you ready to take your lead generation and sales efforts to the next level?

Prospect Outcomes is a powerful feature in Saleshandy that will streamline your deal flow and supercharge your prospecting game! 🚀

📈Prospect Outcomes

What are Prospect Outcomes?

Prospect Outcomes in Saleshandy are all about tracking the status of your prospects when you receive replies in the Unified Inbox.

In Unified Inbox, you're aware of assigning categories to conversations. With Prospect Outcomes, those categories will be converted into powerful Prospect Outcomes. You can also create and assign Custom Prospect Outcomes. Click here to learn more.

Why do you need Prospect Outcomes? 🤔

🎯 Here's why you'll love Prospect Outcomes:

1️⃣ Assign Prospect Outcomes at Sequence Level

Assign Prospect Outcomes at the Sequence Level to track prospects effectively.

  • Each outcome will be assigned to a prospect at the sequence level, not the account level. This means that the same prospect can have different outcomes in different sequences, allowing for more flexibility and precision in your prospect tracking.

  • But hold on; there's even more! We've recently launched AI Prospect Outcomes. This means you no longer have to spend time manually sorting through your emails or deciding where to file them. Our AI scans the content of the latest email reply and gives the outcomes based on its tone and intent.

    How cool is that? 🤖✨

  • However, if you want, you can also create and assign Custom Prospect Outcomes. Click here to learn more.

2️⃣ All Categories/All Outcomes

👉 Streamlined Workflow: With Prospect Outcomes, you can assign specific outcomes to your sequences in the Unified Inbox. Plus, we've revamped the categories, now called "All Outcomes," giving you seven prospect outcome options to choose from.

  • Interested 😃

  • Not Interested 😞

  • Meeting Booked 📅

  • Automatic Response 📧

  • Closed ✅

  • Not Now ⏰

  • Do Not Contact 🚫

3️⃣ Real-time Sync between Unified Inbox and Sequence

  • Say goodbye to manual updates! Changing a prospect's outcome in the Unified Inbox will automatically update their outcome in the relevant sequence. Likewise, updating the outcome within a sequence's prospect tab will instantly reflect in the Unified Inbox's conversation view for that specific prospect in the same sequence. It's seamless and efficient! 💪

4️⃣ Deal Value Assignment: Making Revenue Insights Easy! 💰

With Prospect Outcomes, you can assign fixed deal values to the sequence. This deal value will apply to the prospects with specific outcomes, such as "Interested," "Meeting Booked," and "Closed." The user can also assign custom deal value to the prospects with the mentioned outcomes.

This gives you a clear view of the total deal value associated with prospects in each outcome, providing valuable insights into your potential revenue generated. Now you can track your success and optimize your sales process like a pro!

How to Set up Prospect Outcomes?

In Saleshandy's Unified Inbox, you're familiar with assigning categories to conversations. With Prospect Outcomes, those categories will be converted into powerful prospect outcomes.

📺Video Guide

🪜Steps to Follow

1️⃣Navigate to Settings > Click on Prospect Outcomes > Click on Custom Outcome

2️⃣From the Pop-up, Enter the Outcome Name and Select the Sentiment from a drop-down (Positive, Neutral, Negative )

3️⃣ Once you've added the Custom Prospect Outcome, it will be shown below. You'll be able to see all the Prospect Outcomes with Sentiment Details and who has created them. You also have the option to edit and delete the outcome.

💡Note: If you're Deleting the Prospect Outcomes, you need to select the new outcome for them as well. It will leave all associated prospects uncategorized.

How to Setup Deal Value?

🪜Steps to Follow

You can Change or Modify the Estimated Deal Value by going through Sequence Settings. Kindly follow the steps below to change the Estimated Deal Value.

1️⃣ Sequences > Choose your Sequence > Settings > Estimate Deal Value > Enter the Amount > Save

Note: Currently, the User can only use $ as a currency.

  • But we know that deals and negotiations can vary, so we're also giving you the option to assign custom deal values to prospects with specific outcomes. This way, you can account for individual negotiations or discounts given to prospects, ensuring more accurate revenue tracking and better insight into the actual value of deals closed. 💵

Modify Deal Value

You can Modify the Deal Value in Two ways. Kindly follow any of the steps below to Modify the Deal Value.

1️⃣ Sequence > Prospects > Click on User Name > Sequences > Modify Deal Value.

2️⃣ Unified Inbox > Email Reply > Hover on Profile Picture > Sequence > Modify Deal Value.

You're all set to streamline your deal flow and boost your lead generation efforts with Prospect Outcomes on Saleshandy.

Mission accomplished; you've successfully configured Prospect Outcomes. 👏

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Add Custom Prospect Outcomes?

Yes, you can Add Custom Prospect Outcomes. Check out How to Create Custom Prospect Outcomes.

If the Prospect is marked with an outcome, does it remove them from the next steps?

No. If an outcome is marked, Prospect won't be automatically moved out of the sequence, and all further steps will be sent.

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Prospecting. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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