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🏀How do I Remove Bounces from an Email Sequence?
🏀How do I Remove Bounces from an Email Sequence?
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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Would you be ready to sweep away those pesky bounces from your sequence?

Let's do this step by step. 💪

Remove Bounces from Sequence

  1. First stop, the main prospects tab – it's like the command center for your prospect universe. Glide on over to It's where the magic begins!

  2. Now, time to filter things up. Click on the filter option – it's like your prospect sorting hat. Choose the sequence name and wave that wanders to 'status as bounced.' You're narrowing down the crowd.

  3. With your filter set, hit that magical 'Apply' button. Voilà! Your prospect list now shines with all those bounces.

  4. This is the fun part. Put on your prospect-slaying armor and select each and every one of those bouncy fellows. It's like building your team of heroes.

  5. And now, the grand finale – that delete icon! 🗑️ Yes, you heard it right. Click on the trash icon (the one that looks like it's throwing something away) sitting up top. Watch those bounces vanish into the digital abyss.

Boom! Bounces be gone! 🚫✨

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