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🧩Decoding Email Open Tracking: Why is my Email Open not tracked properly?
🧩Decoding Email Open Tracking: Why is my Email Open not tracked properly?

Does email tracking always work accurately? Why my email is not tracked properly?

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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Ever wondered how email open tracking works like magic most of the time but occasionally misses the mark? 🕵️‍♂️

No worries, let's dive into these quirky scenarios that account for less than 2% of the hiccups in our email tracking system. 💌

🧩Decoding Email Open Tracking

Sometimes there are scenarios that restrict email open tracking accuracy. There are multiple reasons why this happens.

Let's embark on a quest to decode why some emails aren't tracked and seem to play hide and seek! 🕵️‍♂️

1️⃣ When the Email Service Provider Removes the Tracking Pixel

All email tracking tools insert tracking pixels in the emails to track the recipient's behavior. But in some cases, the Email Service Providers filter out the tracking pixels from the emails, which may provide an inaccurate result.

2️⃣ When the Recipient has selected Auto-Download Images Off

If recipients restrict their emails to auto-download images, the tracking pixels can not be triggered, making tracking unsuccessful. However, all the Email service providers keep the download image function ON by default.

3️⃣ Managing Time Between Two Consecutive Opens

If recipients open an email twice within 180 seconds, the system will count it as one open. Saleshandy implemented this feature to provide a more accurate analysis.

4️⃣ The System may take up to 60 Seconds to Track the Open Count

We have placed a buffer time for email tracking to work. If the recipient opens your email for the first time, they need to wait at least 60 seconds from when they received the email. If they open the email as soon as it's received, the open tracking won't work because the tracking gets activated after 60 seconds only.

We have implemented this to prevent auto-opens (false opens/clicks) from CRM/bots.

5️⃣ When the Recipient doesn't have a Compatible Email Format

It rarely happens; the recipient reads the email in plain text rather than HTML format, which prevents the tracking pixel from loading. However, now all the updated email service providers provide HTML formats.

6️⃣ The Plugin is not able to Insert the Tracking Pixels

If the plugin doesn't work correctly due to technical issues, it may not properly insert the tracking pixel.

7️⃣ If the API gets Timed Out or Receives an Error

If the SalesHandy API gets timed out due to low internet connectivity or other restriction issues, it may not instantly provide tracking information. In this case, resetting the plugin and checking with the internet service provider is suggested.

How to Block Self-Open Email Tracking?

Blocking self-open email tracking can help you protect your privacy and also prevent the open count rate. To do this, follow these simplified steps:

  1. Install uBlock Origin: Go to the Web and search for "uBlock Origin." Click on the extension and then click the "Add to Chrome" button to install it.

  2. Add Tracking Domains as Filters: After installing uBlock Origin, open your browser and click on the uBlock Origin icon in the top right corner (it looks like a shield). and Click on Settings at the bottom right.

  3. Add Tracking Domains: In the uBlock Origin dashboard, go to the "My filters" tab. You can block common tracking domains by adding the following lines one by one:

You must add the above tracking domains (used for open, unsubscribe, and click tracking) as filters in uBlockOrigin.

  1. Custom Tracking Domains: If you're using a custom tracking domain, you should add it as a filter in uBlock Origin too. Just add your custom tracking domain as a new filter.

Once you've done this, uBlock Origin will block email tracking pixels and help keep your email activities private. Enjoy your email privacy! 🚫📧🔒

So there you have it, the behind-the-scenes capers that occasionally throw our email tracking for a loop. But don't worry; we're constantly perfecting our tracking dance to ensure that it's spot on 98% of the time! 🎯

If you ever find yourself in the 2% club, now you know what's happening. 😉 Keep those emails coming! 📨🚀

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What's a cooling period in email tracking?

It's a set time before an email open or click is officially recorded to prevent false positives from automatic scans or previews.

How long before the first open of an email is registered?

There's a 60-second cooling period from the sent time for the first email open.

What about the first click on a link within an email?

A 90-second cooling period from the sent time applies before registering the first link click.

Are there different cooling periods for subsequent opens and clicks?

Yes, after initial activity, the cooling period extends to 120 seconds for opens and 180 seconds for clicks from the previous action.

Why are these cooling periods important?

They ensure email engagement metrics are accurate by filtering out non-genuine opens and clicks, allowing for better campaign optimization.

Despite people opening emails, I haven't seen any clicks on the links to our website or calendar.

There is a high chance that link tracking is off. The toggle for track links was not enabled for your sequences and that's the reason why you were not able to get the link click report.

To enable the same go to : Sequence>>Settings>>Safety Settings>>Track Link Clicks

Email Open Rate is Counted on what basis?

The open rate will be counted when the email is opened. Saleshandy sends tracking pixels along with the email which gets downloaded whenever the email is opened and in return in counts the email as opened.

What is the problem, and why are the emails not being registered in Sales Handy?

There might be a chance you're looking at the 1:1 email insights tab you need to check Unified Inbox for all the replies, as that; 's where you find emails registered

Mission accomplished; you've successfully Decoded Email Tracking. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

Warmest regards,

Saleshandy Team

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