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What does each Email campaign status denote?
What does each Email campaign status denote?
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Status indicates the state of your campaign and ongoing activity. Below are the definitions of different status.

  • New: When you are creating the new campaign.

  • Draft: When you have saved your campaign to edit it later.

  • Scheduled: When you have scheduled the campaign for a later date.

  • Queued: Queue shows that our server is preparing your campaign. Status is updated from Scheduled to Queued before 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

  • In Progress: We are sending emails to your recipients.

  • Paused: When either you have paused your campaign or we have paused your campaign due to increased bounce rate. You can resume your paused campaigns at any time.

  • Waiting: Waiting implies that your outgoing email quota is exhausted and your campaign will be resumed once the quota is reset.

  • Halted: When user action is required to resume the campaign. Here are the reasons for your campaign being halted:

    • Changes in SMTP credentials i.e. you would have changed your password and have not updated the same on SalesHandy.

    • Connection with Gmail might be revoked.

  • Finished: When your campaign is completed.

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