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Custom Tracking Domain Issues (Invalid Domain Error)
Custom Tracking Domain Issues (Invalid Domain Error)
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If you are encountering an error message stating that your custom tracking domain is invalid, there are two primary reasons this might be happening.

  1. First, you may have entered the Custom Tracking Domain incorrectly when adding it to Saleshandy. It's important to ensure that the domain is typed correctly without any typos or errors.

  2. Second, the domain may not have been properly added to your DNS settings. This step is crucial for the custom tracking domain to be recognized and validated by Saleshandy. To resolve this issue, double-check the domain entry in Saleshandy and verify that the DNS settings are correctly configured with the necessary CNAME records. To check this, share the CNAME record that you have set in your DNS manager with the team so that they can check this for you.

  3. When you set the record in your DNS, it takes some time to update or reflect in your Saleshandy Account.

  4. You need to enter the tracking domain name instead of only track under 'Custom Tracking Domain name' and you are good to go.

If you continue to experience issues after these checks, you may reach out to Saleshandy support for further assistance. Kindly share the screenshots with the team to verify the details.

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