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Prospects Outcome is Updated/Changed (Webhook)
Prospects Outcome is Updated/Changed (Webhook)
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When Prospect Outcome is updated for a prospect from anywhere inside Saleshandy, such as Unified Inbox, Sequence, and Prospects tab.

Sample Result

"event": "prospect-outcome-updated",
"outcomeChangedAt": "2024-04-23T07:34:45.575Z",
"conversationId": "Rxh247rdgp",
"newOutcome": "Interested",
"oldOutcome": "Uncategorized",
"isManuallyChanged": true,
"prospect": {
"prospectCreatedAt": "2024-04-23T07:34:45.575Z",
"firstName": "Piyush",
"lastName": "Patel",
"email": "[email protected]",
"phoneNumber": "8323049",
"jobTitle": "Founder",
"department": "Tech",
"industry": "Saas",
"experience": "15 Years",
"linkedIn": "",
"twitter": "",
"facebook": "",
"website": "",
"city": "Ahmedabad",
"state": "Gujarat",
"country": "India",
"company": "Acme",
"companyDomain": "",
"companyWebsite": "",
"companyIndustry": "IT & Saas",
"companySize": "55",
"companyRevenue": "$231M",
"companyFoundedYear": "2019",
"companyLinkedIn": "",
"companyPhone": "20392402",
"plan_name": "Outreach Pro",
"offer": "I have a $30 discount coupon for you.",
"opening_line": "We met at the Webinar",
"latestoffer": "It is the prospect who got interested in the $1200 per month plan.",
"welcome_line": "I saw and used your tool, and as much as I liked it, I felt some of the important features are missing.",
"tag": [
"Saas agency",
"Nearly Closed"
"latestStatus": "Unsubscribed"
"sequence": {
"id": "139223",
"sequenceName": "Outreach to the Agency Owner",
"stepID": "FUWcw22do",
"stepNumber": "3",
"variant": "C",
"isSentAsNewThread": false,
"emailSubject": "Save cost & achieve more!",
"emailBody": "Hi Mitesh, I need to do these things on urgent basis",
"containsLink": true,
"containsAttachment": false,
"senderEmail": "[email protected]",
"latestOutcome": "Interested",
"dealValue": "90",
"importedAt": "2024-04-23T07:34:45.575Z"
"user": {
"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Doe",
"email": "[email protected]",
"jobRole": "Sales Manager",
"userRole": "Admin",
"shAccountId": "12345678"


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