How to set up Users and Teams?
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Hello there, Saleshandy users! 👋

Are you tired of juggling admin responsibilities and team member tasks within Saleshandy? Well, we've got some exciting news for you! 🎉

Imagine a world where team management is a breeze, where you can effortlessly assign roles, create teams, and monitor your team's performance, all from one place. That's exactly what we're bringing to you with our Advanced Team Management feature! 🚀

Advanced Team Management

Say goodbye to just having Admins and Team Members. With our Advanced Team Management, you can now have roles like Owner, Admin, Team Manager, and Team Member. No more one-size-fits-all!

Team Management Hierarchy

📺Video Guide

🪜Steps to Follow

1️⃣ Users & Teams

Steps to Follow: Navigate to Settings > Users & Teams > Users > Click on Invite Users

2️⃣ Invite Users

Steps to Follow: Enter Email Addresses > Assign User Role (Member, Owner, Admin) > Assign Team (If you haven't created the team, it won't show anything).

Note: You can invite a maximum of 50 Email Addresses at Once, separated by a comma.

3️⃣ Assign User Role

Once you have invited the users, you can assign a role to a user and click on Send Invite.

User Roles have rights in the following hierarchy: Owner > Admin > Member.

Remember: You can also make Team Manager a part of another Team.

This is how it will look on the Users Tab once you have shared an Invitation. Users will receive an Email Invitation once they accept it; their current status will change from invited to active.

You'll be able to see what Teams they are on; apart from this, you'll also be able to see their Last login Details.

You can perform Actions such as

  1. Change Role (You can change Role from Member to Owner or Admin)

  2. Assign Team (If you've created multiple Teams, you can directly assign the Team.)

  3. Delete the User

  4. Resend Invite (If the user has not accepted the invite yet)

  5. Copy User Id

Once you're done adding the Users, you'll be able to see all the users you've added, their User roles, and what teams they're on, and at last, you'll be able to see their last login as well.

4️⃣ Create Team

Steps to Follow: Navigate to Settings > Users & Teams > Teams > Click on Create Team

5️⃣ Add Team

Enter the Team Name > Add the Team members from the list > Select Team Manager from the Dropdown.

Note: Team Members List & Team Manager will only be visible if you have added the Users first.

6️⃣ Modify Team

Once you're done creating a Team, navigate to the Teams tab and click Modify if you want to modify it. If you want to Delete the Team, click on the Trash icon.

You can Update the Team Name, Add or Remove Team Members, and Add or Remove the Team Manager.

You can also modify the Settings from the Users Tab as well.

Once you're assigning the Team, you can select the team you want to assign the user from the dropdown.

Note: If you want the team member to be on all teams, select the checkbox that says Keep all teams assigned. It will automatically add the specific team member to all the newly created teams. Member will remain assigned even if new teams are added in the future. You can just uncheck this option if you prefer manual assignment.

Once you're done assigning the team. You will see all the Teams, how many users are present in the team, who is the Team Manager, and when the Team is created.

Mission accomplished; you've successfully set up Users and Teams. 👏

Wishing you a delightful experience! ❤️

Happy Selling. 🤝

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Saleshandy Team

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